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Thank you for being a loyal user of USNaviguide's website. Some of you have been using our site for years! So, if you've used this site before, you may notice a change in the way it functions. We apologize if this is an inconvenience to you, our valuable customer. Unfortunately, the economics of running changed significantly.

On July 22 2018, Google increased the cost to use their maps by a factor of 25. That's a 2500% increase! The result of that cost increase is that we can no longer afford to use Google's maps as the base for the website.

The change in base maps forces changes in the functionality and appearance of the website. While we have attempted to maintain the same user experience, some of the features are different or missing and the underlying map has less detail. The new base maps from OpenLayers are hosted entirely on USNaviguide LLC servers and remain free to all users.

Please click HERE to contact us if you require more information and any other concerns you have about or our services.

Best Regards,

John Coryat, USNaviguide LLC

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